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This year’s Summer Sizzler rs3 gold RuneScape has begun, in which you have a great chance to gain 20% – 70% extra XP from bright lamps ans stars. Do you want to know the exact time for this new Treasure Hunter? And how can you get the extra XP? You can learn them all on RS3gold and get the cheapest RS 3 gold.

How long does the new Treasure Hunter – Summer Sizzler last?
The Summer Sizzler promo will last until 23:59 UTC on July 3, 2017, which is time limited. And please join in it as soon as possible.

What can you get from this Treasure Hunter?
In Summer Sizzler all lamps and stars has been replaced by bright lamps and stars, which will award you an extra 20% XP. Besides, pass more thresholds to gain more XP and increase 10% at a time until up to 70% Extra XP.
In addition, you just need to know the XP percentage will be increased according to the time bright lamps and stars are won. And you don’t need to stock them, which can be used right away.

How much exactly extra XP can you get from the bright lamps and stars?
There are four types of bright lamps, including small bright lamp, medium bright lamp, large bright lamp, huge bright lamp. And each kind of bright lamp can grant you extra 20% – 70% XP besides the usual functions of the prismatic lamps. During the promo, you can get the following bonus according to the gauge filled with the keys:
10 keys: 30% bonus XP
25 keys: 40% bonus XP
50 keys: 50% bonus XP
100 keys: 60% bonus XP
175 keys: 70% bonus XP
What’s more, the bright stars functions exactly the same as the bright lamps.

Hope you have started your adventure with Summer Sizzler and got the cheapest RS 3 gold.

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