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Another best summer rs 3 gold offer is coming soon, and please get ready for it, if you just need RS gold recently. This time we will offer you 6% – 10% free bonus during Best Summer Offer III. That means when you buy RS3 gold or cheap RS 07 gold, you can get certain amount of RS gold for free. And please learn all the details as follows.

When can you get the free RS gold?
The Best Summer Offer III is from July 19 to July 28, 2017, during which the free gold will be attached directly to the gold you buy on the product page.

How much free RS gold you can get?
During the activity, you can get 6% – 10% free bonus when you buy RS 07 gold or RS 3 gold.
6% free bonus: the order with 100M+ RS3 gold or 20M+ OSRS gold
7% free bonus: the order with 300M+ RS 3 gold or 45M+ OSRS gold
8% free bonus: the order with 500M+ RS 3 gold or 80M+ OSRS gold
9% free bonus: the order with 800M+ RS 3 gold or 150M+ OSRS gold
10% free bonus: the order with 1500M+ RS 3 gold or 300M+ OSRS gold
For example: The order with 500M RS3gold will be attached to 8% free bonus, which equals to 40M free RS 3 gold, that means finally you can get 540M RS 3 gold.
As you can see, the more gold you buy, you can get more free RS gold, so please don’t miss the rare chance.

In order to celebrate the oncoming summer vacation, will offer customer 80% off for rs gold at 3:00AM July 21, 2017 GMT.

While 8% off code “NEW8RS” for all rs products is also available.

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And you can also buy RS gold from on mobile.

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