Never miss safewow 6% or 9% off wow gold from July 24 to July 28

WOW Mythic Dungeon Invitational is starting to play on July 25. To celebrate all those new events, Safewow Summer Deal will provide all customers a 6% and an 8% discount codes available to buy wow gold .

When will Safewow Summer Deal 2017 be valid?

All players can apply 6% discount or 8% discount codes from?July 24 to July 28, 2017.

What situations can I apply 8% discount code, rather than 6% one?

In this Safewow Summer Deal, we will provide two kinds of discount codes simultaneously. But customers can only use one of them in each order.
The 6% discount code is “MD6”, which is available for all orders and all customers;
The 8% discount code is “MD8”, which is available for $30+ orders ($30 is included).


1. These two discount codes have no limitation in use times.
2. These discount codes are available for all wow gold on safewow.

July 25 is a big day for many players, not just for WOW players. Whatever you play, you can use the discount codes to buy in-game currencies cheap on safewow when you need. Enjoy Safewow Summer Deal.

Safewow 2017 Summer Deal: Safewow would like to porvide 6% off or 8% off for wow gold and items during July 24 to July 28,2017,the code “MD6” with 6% off can be used for all orders, the code “MD8” with 8% off can be used for the payment exceed $30.

Never forget 5% discount code SW7ALL to buy cheaper wow gold on ,this code can be used permanently.

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