Safewow will offer cheap neverwinter astral items for the items not refreshed anymore in game

Double Guild Marks and 20% off sale for Strongholds are available on Neverwinter consoles until July 17. But what players need is the fixed Mysterious Merchant Neverwinter, instead of guild marks. The items from MM aren’t refreshed so that guilds often get the same inventory multiple weeks in a row.Safewow held a bid summer deal for neverwinter items and neverwinter astral diamonds from July 24 to July 28.

What does Neverwinter Mysterious Merchant work as intended?

Neverwinter Mysterious Merchant is a temporary stronghold structure and sells various random Decorations and Equipment. Guilds can build one with 600 Astral Diamonds, 400 gold, 80,000 gems at any of the Millabout Marketplace plots. As the Wiki says, the goods from the Mysterious Merchant are random and change every time it is built.

What bugs happened to Mysterious Merchant on consoles?

Currently, it seems nobody is building the merchants anymore because the items there aren’t refreshing daily. At this point, many players are confused how to spend their guild mark in. So far, players feel eager to be fixed the Mysterious Merchant more than gaining more guild marks, partly because there is a guild mark limit in game and partly because they really need pick up some useful gears from Neverwinter MM.

What solutions have the official given?

As the official team stated, the Mysterious Merchant should not be giving the same inventory selection unless the previous store is not destroyed. They suggested players to wait until the previous merchant store is completely gone before attempting to build a new one.
Besides, they further explained that the Mysterious Merchant works independently of Alliances, meaning guilds within the same alliance may have the same inventory selection at the same time. But it never offers duplicate inventory selections twice for the same guild.

The items from Neverwinter Mysterious Merchant are never supposed to refresh every day. The reason why many guilds have given up on it is that they would far too often get the same inventory multiple weeks in a row. But until now, it has not got anything to be fixed. Anyway, the Mysterious Merchant bug has no effect on other contents. Safewow is the best place for neverwinter astral diamonds and items for you.

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