Side Gusset/Quad Seal Bag Market is Rising rapidly Due to the Characteristic of Greater Flexibility in Label Applications

A quad seal bag/ side gusset is a bag consisting of three layers – the inner layer, outer layer, and the barrier layer all which can be effortlessly peeled off. Quad seal bags are primarily used for commodities like tea and coffee. These bags comprise two long panels for the purpose of branding and they have become popular among consumers recently. Four sided sealed bags provide several customization options depending on the market requirements. The gusset bags have a certain level of dimensional stability that enables the bag to conform to a stable shape. The packaging bag market is already flooded with numerous bag types but side gusset/quad seal bag market themselves as a versatile, flexible, and superior option for customers. The rising demand have led to the emergence of the quad seal bag/ side gusset market in many regions across the world.

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Dynamics of Quad Seal/Side Gusset Bag Market-:

The main characteristic of quad seal bag/ side gusset is the added capacity and depth provided by the bag as it creates a blocked bottom when any merchandise is loaded. The bag has greater strength on account of the four sided seal, permitting even heavier merchandise to be stored. With the lack of a back seal, the side gusset bag has a greater flexibility in label applications and valve placement. Gusset bags consist of a barrier that avoids the UV light, oxygen, moisture diffusion and thus also retains the product aroma, particularly in the case of tea and coffee packaging. Manufacturers prefer gusset bags as they have sufficient space for brand signature and product description.

Self- standing quad seal / side gusset bags have widespread customer appeal as they are quite shelf friendly. Quad seal/ side gusset bag have an added benefit of higher barrier lamination films that give products the necessary protection and an elongated shelf life. The biggest barriers to the growth of the quad seal/ side gusset market is the high bag production cost.

Market Segmentation of Quad Seal Bag / Side Gusset Market-

Quad seal/ side gusset bag market is classified into application, accessory, and material type. By material type, quad seal bag /side gusset market is classified into aluminum and plastic films. Quad seal / side gusset bag have diverse size options that are customized as per customer requirements. Based on application, the quad seal bag / side gusset market is divided into tea and coffee, nuts and dry fruits, fertilizers, chocolates, protein powder, and others. Commodities are typically packaged with these bags because of their numerous advantages. With respect to accessory option, the quad seal/ side gusset market is sub-segmented into euro slots, oval windows, hanging holes, re-sealable zippers, tear notches, degassing valves, and others.

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Regional Outlook of Side Gusset /Quad Seal Bag Market-:

The quad seal bag/ side gusset market has several domestic as well as international manufacturers and is studied on the basis of key regions viz. Europe, Middle East and Africa, Latin America, North America, and Asia-Pacific. North America is the largest region in terms of gusset bags as most of the major companies are based there. Asia-Pacific also contributes a substantial amount to the quad seal bag /side gusset market and it is predicted to become more important during the forecast period.

Key Players in Quad Seal Bag / Side Gusset Market-:

Key players active in the quad seal bag / side gusset market are Atlapac Corporation, Tyler Packaging Limited, Maer Flexibles Europe, Diamond Flexible Packaging Co, PBFY Flexible Packaging, Pacific Bag, Inc., Pouch Direct Pty Ltd., Cas-Pak Products Ltd, and Swiss Pack Pvt Ltd.

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