Sodium Tungstate Market Trends, Consumption and Revenue Forecast by Regions 2021

Global Sodium Tungstate Market is segmented on the basis of application, channel participants, and region. Sodium Tungstate, with the formula Na2WO4 is an inorganic compound. It is the sodium salt of tungstic acid, which is colorless or white color crystalline powder. It structures a high degree of chemical purity and outstanding water solubility with no residue.

Sodium tungstate could also be produced by having treated tungsten carbide with a mixture of sodium hydroxide and sodium nitrate in a fusion process that overcomes high exothermicity of the reaction involved. Sodium Tungstate are used in manufacturing various types of heteropoly acid color lakes that are used in plants, printing inks, waxes, textiles, and glasses. It acts as analytical reagent, fire proofing agent. Sodium tungstate can be used in manufacturing various chemical elements such as tungsten salts, metal tungsten, tungsten acid, dyes. It is a medium that helps in conversion of tungsten ores to the metal.

Global Sodium Tungstate Market is classified, by application, into Anti-Diabetic Agent, Anti-obesity agent, Catalyst, Permanent chemical modifier. Sodium tungstate is utilized as catalyst in pigment pharmaceuticals, paint dyes, and other chemical reactions such as epoxidation of alkenes along with oxidation of alcohols into ketones or aldehydes. Sodium tungstate is one of the effective anti-diabetic agents when administered orally. It does improve pancreatic function as well as beta cell proliferation. It does activate glycogen synthesis via an insulin receptor-independent pathway.

Sodium tungstate does affect adipocyte biology by inhibition of adipogenesis and stimulation of cellular oxygen consumption. Sodium tungstate does inhibit adipocyte differentiation and regulate the mitochondrial oxygen consumption on the part of adipose cells. These effects contribute to the anti-obesity activity of sodium tungstate. Sodium tungstate is used for slurry sampling electro thermal atomic absorption spectrometric determination of indium in soils.

Global Sodium Tungstate Market is classified, by channel participants, into Research laboratories, Textile industry, Chemical industry, Metal industry, Glass industry, Medical industry, and others. In medicinal field, it is applied for treating as an anti-diabetic and anti-obesity agent. Global Sodium Tungstate Market is segmented, geographically into North America, Europe (Eastern Europe, Western Europe), Asia Pacific, Latin America, Middle East and Africa.

North America accounted for the largest market share of the Sodium Tungstate Market and is expected to remain dominant over the forecast period. This is due to the growth rate of large and diverse manufacturing industry trends to track the GDP. The U.S. is one of the rising market for overall chemical industry. The trend of re-industrialization is one of the factors for the growth of sodium tungstate market in this region. Followed by Europe and Asia Pacific.

Europe region is also showing high growth in Sodium tungstate market. Germany and Italy are top two countries for chemical industry. The main reason for the growth of Sodium tungstate industry in Europe is the high productivity and innovation towards the chemical industries. The growth and development of large scale industry and small scale industry has huge impact on market for sodium tungstate.

Asia Pacific is expected to grow at fastest pace over the forecast period. Global Sodium Tungstate Industry key players are Anchor Chemicals, Chem-Met, Nova Oleochem, SAJAN OVERSEAS, Alpha Chem, Nithyasri Chemicals, HC Starck, Ganzhou Grand Sea W& Mo Group Co., Ltd, Taizhou BangDe, Yuanhang tungsten, Ningxiang Changyi, Taizhou Rundong, and Zaoqiang Jinying.

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