T-shirt skirt, make you dress convenient and cool

Not only convenient and comfortable, cool and breathable, and you do not have to consider the rules, casually paired with a pair of small white shoes can be perfect out of the street.
Compare the college wind of the A T-shirt skirt, the use of the lapel H-type version of the design, and the cuffs and neckline black stripes hit color, very significant movement of the wind flavor, very cute. If you are a confident enough girl, then casual with a pair of small white shoes can be beautiful!
BF Wind Brown T-shirt skirt, large version of the design, a kind of boyfriend wind feeling, summer wear is very comfortable. and front and rear hem of the hole treatment, is a big bright spot, revealing the inside of the trousers printing is also a careful machine yo. The length of the long, so that you can be as prim as the beautiful legs. 


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