Why Might you Need an Immigration Solicitor like Saracens Solicitors?

If you want to be eligible to live, stay or work in the UK and you are from another country, then the first thing you will need is a visa. An immigration solicitor can help you with this. The visa requirements are different depending on which country you are from.

The laws and application guidelines in this area are quite complex and so you will benefit from expert advice. An immigration solicitor, like Saracens Solicitors, exist to support you through the process with their skills and knowledge.

The job of an immigration solicitor is to guide you through the visa application process step by step, including appealing a refusal if necessary. Saracens Solicitors has in-depth knowledge of the visa application process, including assisting with applications for asylum and family visas.

Saracens Solicitors – Entry to The Uk

An immigration solicitor will examine your current situation and history if you want to gain entry to the UK. When you engage an immigration solicitor, like Saracens Solicitors, they will go through these details with you first of all to find out the reasons why you might be eligible to enter and stay in the UK.

Saracens Solicitors – Gaining A Visa

Many visa applications use the points based system to assess your eligibility to stay. If you do not score the necessary points your application will be refused. Different visas have different point thresholds that you need to cross in order to be eligible. An immigration solicitor can maximise the facts of your life to help you gain more points.

Often, there are other criteria you need to meet as well that an immigration solicitor like Saracens Solicitors can detail for you. These may include a certain level of English language skills, financial targets or, a spouse or parent who is already a resident in the UK.

Saracens Solicitors – Appealing A Decision

Getting help to appeal a decision from an immigration solicitor like Saracens Solicitors can mean the difference between success and failure. The rule involved and the tight deadlines make it is easy to become ineligible for consideration.

An immigration solicitor is there to help you. When you visit a city law firm like Saracens Solicitors, you will benefit from years of experience dealing with cases just like yours.

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