USA Pediatric Proton Therapy Market Forecast (2010 – 2021)

USA Pediatric Proton Therapy Market has potential to reach close to US$ 350 Million by the end of year 2021. But its actual market is predicted to be less than even half of this figure. The difference between this actual and potential market is due to its demand and supply gap. In United States, the cancer incidence among pediatric is rising at rapid pace. USA has largest and more efficient proton therapy center in world due to long history of its proton therapy research and huge investment on center development.

Age Group of (1-4) has the Largest Cancer Evidence in USA Pediatric Proton Therapy Market.

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In this report United States pediatric proton therapy market is divided into five age group (<1) Year, (1-4) Year, (5-9) Year, (10-14) Year, (15-18) Year. Out of these age groups (1-4) age group has largest market.

Ependymoma Cancerous Tumor has the Highest Market among 36 Types of Cancer which has been studied in the report.

The largest treated pediatric patient with proton therapy in USA is Ependymoma which has almost 15 percent share in United States pediatric proton therapy market. Moreover the ability of proton therapy to treat numerous types of pediatric cancer in a more efficient way than traditional radiotherapy has made it preferential choice for pediatric cancer patients.

Increasing Cancer Incidence Among Pediatric and Phenomenal Progress in Technological Development of Proton Therapy Across the Period of Time has made it Key driver for Rapid Growth in United States.

Proton Therapy has gained prominence in such a short period due to continuous development of cutting-edge technology like intensity-modulated proton therapy (IMPT) and pencil beam technology. Moreover rising cancer incidence among children in United States reinforced pediatric proton therapy market for faster growth.

USA Pediatric Proton Therapy Market, Patient Numbers, Forecast By Age & Tumors (36 Cancer Types Analyzed) is the 16th report on Proton Therapy Market. This 195 page report with 182 figures and 3 Tables provides: Pediatric Proton Therapy Market, Proton Therapy Patient Numbers (both by Age Group and Type of Tumors) Technology being used at these Proton Therapy Centers. The report also studies the Proton Therapy Sales & Forecast of four companies IBA, Varian Medical Systems, Mitsubishi and Hitachi.

Type of Tumors Market & Patient Numbers Studied in the Report
1. Glioma, Low Grade
2. Glioma, High Grade
3. Medulloblastoma
4. Ependymoma
6. Germinoma, Pure
7. Germ Cell Tumor
8. Craniopharyngioma

Age Group Studied in Report
1. Age Group (<1) Year
2. Age Group (1-4) Year
3. Age Group (5-9) Year
4. Age Group (10-14) Year
5. Age Group (15-18) Year

Key Companies Proton Therapy Sales & Forecast (2010 – 2021) Covered in this report
1. IBA
2. Varian Medical Systems
3. Mitsubishi
4. Hitachi

Key Questions Answered in the Report?

– What is the Pediatric Proton Therapy Market in United States and its growth potential in Future?
– How Many Pediatric Patients are treated by Proton Beam Therapy in United States?
– What is the Pediatric Proton Therapy Market by Age Group age group (<1) Year, (1-4) Year, (5-9) Year, (10-14) Year, (15-18) Year in United States and its Forecast?
– How Many Pediatric Proton Therapy Patients treated by Age Group age group (<1) Year, (1-4) Year, (5-9) Year, (10-14) Year, (15-18) Year in United States and its Forecast?
– What is the Pediatric Proton Therapy Market by Tumors (36 Types) in United States and its Forecast?
– How Many Pediatric Proton Therapy Patients treated by different Tumor Type in United States and its Forecast?
– What Type of Technology is being used at Proton Therapy Centers?

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