Achieve Brighter, Healthier-Looking Teeth with a Philips Zoom! Whitening Treatment from Cuffley Village Dental

Cuffley Village Dental Practice, a Hertfordshire-based dental practice, offers Philips Zoom! Whitening treatments. The practice’s dentists also recommend sensitivity management products.

[Cuffley, 07/08/2017] – Cuffley Village Dental Practice, a renowned dental practice in Hertfordshire, offers Philips Zoom! whitening treatments tailored to patients’ specific needs, to help them achieve brighter and healthier-looking teeth. Dentists at the practice also provide sensitivity management products to minimise their patients’ discomfort post-treatment.

Philips Zoom! Whitening Treatment

More than ten million patients have undergone a Philips Zoom! treatment, both in-practice and in the comfort of their homes. Cuffley Village Dental Practice supervises whitening treatments for their patients to ensure a comfortable procedure and effective results.

Kinds of Zoom! Treatments

With their patients’ individual needs in mind, the team of dental practitioners provides three types of Zoom! treatments:

  • Philips Zoom! WhiteSpeed

WhiteSpeed is the in-practice teeth whitening procedure. It is the only in-practice system that has a customisable intensity to suit the patient’s needs. Patients may see their teeth become eight shades lighter after the treatment.

  • Philips Zoom! DayWhite and Philips Zoom! NiteWhite

These two treatments are at-home teeth whitening kits that patients may carry out on their own. Dentists create custom trays and bespoke formula concentrations to fit the patient’s sensitivity and lifestyle. In seven to 14 days, the patients may see excellent results.

Sensitivity Management

For managing sensitivity after the treatment, the practice recommends using products such as Fluoridex and Relief amorphous calcium phosphate (ACP). Fluoridex is a sensitivity-reducing toothpaste that patients may apply before and after their treatments. Relief ACP, on the other hand, is a mild de-sensitiser that may also be used in conjunction with the whitening treatments to reduce sensitivity further and protect the enamel.

About Cuffley Village Dental Practice

Cuffley Village Dental Practice is committed to providing a comprehensive dental care package, from basic dental hygiene to dental check-ups. They have their in-house periodontist who looks after their patients’ gum health as well as a qualified endodontist for root canal treatments. The practice places great importance on children’s dental health, as well, by making their services family-friendly and providing check-ups for the young ones free of charge.

For more information about the practice and its other services, visit their website at

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