The Swiss International Scientific School in Dubai Offers English/French or English/German Bilingual Programmes

The Swiss International Scientific School in Dubai, a renowned educational institution, offers English/French and English/German bilingual programmes. The teachers grade students according to a particular assessment methodology.

[Healthcare City, 08/08/2017] – The Swiss International Scientific School in Dubai (SISD), a renowned institution that embraces global education, provides two bilingual programmes in English/French and English/German for KG2 to Grade 10 to promote bilingualism amongst students. The educators grade students according to an assessment methodology curated for the programmes.

Bilingual Programmes

SISD defines bilingualism as the regular use of two different languages or dialects. Other than listening and speaking, the school’s bilingual programmes cover challenging requirements in reading and writing. SISD ensures that the language input of the curriculum is lexically and structurally rich, easily comprehensible and age-appropriate.

SISD also promotes immersion, allowing children to have an excellent command of the language. The educators at the school teach the students using the language to help them develop subject content comprehension skills and intercultural competence. Dr. Christine Jacob, head of the SISD Language department, ensures that all students participate fully in the programme and reach their full potential.

Admission Requirements and Assessment Methodology

For Pre-KG to Grade 1, the students must be fluent in at least one of the languages of instruction. For Grade 2 onwards, fluency in one of the languages of instruction and adequate knowledge of the new language is a requirement.

Two teachers are responsible for assessing children based on their competencies in their mother tongue, exposure to a new language, ability to adapt to new situations, nursery languages, schooling background, personal development and individual cognitive ability.

About The Swiss International Scientific School in Dubai

The Swiss International Scientific School in Dubai is an institution that gives equal importance to academic excellence and personal growth, helping children embrace their future opportunities. SISD is a preferred school for families that recognise the need for dynamic, flexible and linguistically ambitious individuals. The institution’s educators spark curiosity and encourage their students to become independent life-long learners.

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