Safewow roll out new member systems for all cheap wow gold

The event leading to the release of wow gold Patch 7.3 is now live after this week’s maintenance in your region. Validated Doomsayers have been added to Dalaran and you will notice the Argus skybox everywhere even if you haven’t defeated Kil’jaeden yet.dont forgt to buy cheap wow gold on Safewow to enjoy the game.

Safewow roll out new Member System(VIP System),extra 2%-10% discount Wow Gold is for all Safewow members now.the account are classfied to 5 levels according to the reward points you gain,Different levels of membership will be able to get different specials.If you are not the member ,you can register it now.

Validated Doomsayers in Dalaran are now giving out pamphlets about the end of Azeroth. Citizens?aren’t feeling well?and have new dialogue options. The chaos has come to Dalaran! Let’s see if the new Magni scenario (Whispers of a Frightened World) will be enabled in the coming weeks!

It’s time to look at new pets added?in Patch 7.3 that can be tamed by Hunters. Argus has three new zones and among the new tameables are mana rays, talbuks, cats and marsuuls. This preview covers all pets that have been added in Patch 7.3 and are tameable by Hunters as of build 24781.

Sharding has been disabled on RP realms, because of the annual Tournament of Ages Event on Moon Guard.

The event lasts for a whole week and it’s one of the biggest annual celebrations on Moon Guard. Below is a trailer of how it looks like in Icecrown. They even have an official website, where you can check out all?details.

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