New Mum to Be – Things to Start Owning

Finally it’s your turn to be a new mum. You are excited and can’t seem to get your feet back on the ground but there are some things that you need to start shopping for so that you will have a great transition during these next nine months. Here are some ideas of what we think every new mummy to be should own to make her look beautiful and feel comfortable. She should also make sure she has the baby’s best at heart at all times. For there are certain products or services that are not recommended for use by pregnant ladies.

Get the Wardrobe Checked

With the news of pregnancy comes the changes in one’s body. It’s almost like the word pregnancy brings about these changes. You soon start to outgrow your outfits, the undergarments seam to never be right anymore and you are now allergic to certain fabrics. All these are a part of being pregnant. So it’s time to go to the mall and shop for some maternity clothes. You should look for comfortable and stretchable fabrics. You will need plenty of tops, leggings, dresses and many more. For the first few months you will pretty much have great options to choose from depending on what sort of style you wish to sport. The best would be to always look for things that will give you and your growing baby enough room to feel comfortable and snug. You don’t want things that are too fitting and tight against your body. Look for quality pieces

A Keepsake Book

It is a good idea for you to get a nice journal. This way you will be able to write down events, days, doctors’ visits, first scans and many more on this book. Looking back on how you felt and what special days you had with your baby inside of you will always make for great treasures. You can also gift this book down to your kid when he or she grows up. It will definitely be something that is incomparable. So go find something nice and write away.

A Good Body Lotion

As your body grows and starts to change, you will notice that your skin is drier and prone to stretching. This is the time to start moisturizing your body to avoid unwanted stretchmarks and other issues. So invest in a high quality body cream that is rich in essential oils and vitamins. It is also a good idea to use good quality olive oil as this is one of the most sort after product for skin care and beauty.

Cotton Underclothes

With your body rapidly growing, it is good to invest in some good quality cotton bras and briefs. These will give you the stretch and comfort you need. You will need to keep changing the sizes from time to time but cotton with stretch will definitely provide you with more comfort than lace and other materials. These are some of the few things that we think you should own during your early stages of pregnancy.

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