Know What Type Of Jewelry Consumer Are You?

Just like the classification of gemstones and jewelries, consumers are also classified according to their taste and preference. Here is a close look:

1. The Innovative Thinker: These ones are minimalist at heart and very closely resemble a sophisticated    trend. They work through evolution ofthe normcore, a unisex fashion movement featuring understated, unpretentious attires. The sophisticore trend is practical and based on a desire to be comfortable still     uniqueness of every wearer in a sophisticated manner.

2. The Retronaut: Also known as the Diggers that have huge respect for the past. They are mainly associated with historical trends that were dominated by motifs from some other period and are reimagines in context to present times. These trends are led by esotericism, magic, and craftsmanship. Such consumers have an inclination for dramatic and bold pieces that have oversized pendants or cuffs or some motifs from zodiac signs.

3. The Geonaut: As the name suggests, these are mostly adventurers by heart and enthusiasts by spirit. They are always seeking new ideas and better places. These consumers are associated with geo-luxury  trends that feature exclusivity. Geonauts purchase their pieces from all over the globe and mostly favor the pieces that can be treasured eternally. They mostly go for colorful, eclectic pieces handcrafted or chiseled to recite a story.

4. The Illusionist: They like to find their expressions mostly in digital-hypnosis trends that is based on perennial connectivity and a bond with technology. They like to stay with their screens and stay well-informed about everything. They like to stay on top of all latest digital frontiers. These tech-savvy people are all about futuristic but funny pieces that are both contemporary and modern. They most likely go for lighthearted typographic messages, fantastical elements, and digital elements.

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