Five Tips on How to Store Cleaning Supplies Properly

Every homeowner, irrespective of living in a big or small house, is seen putting in sincere efforts in keeping his abode neat and clean. A clean looking home, apart from providing a beautiful appearance, also helps in keeping several infectious diseases at bay.

While, possessing various sorts of home cleaning material is a common thing in most of the homes, ensuring their proper storage, which is of prime importance. It is very much essential to keep these cleaning materials properly stored and away from the reach of children as the results can be quite harmful. Given below are 5 important tips which will help you in proper storage of cleaning supplies that you have purchased from


Store Them in A Cool and Dry Area

Avoid storing the cleaning supplies in areas which witness rapid fluctuations in temperatures. The cleaning products require being stored in cool and dry paces. The reason being, some of the cleaning agents, stored in aerosol cans, tend to lose their effectiveness and are at grave risk of exploding due to high temperatures.

Keep Them Away From Pets and Children

Storing, the cleaning supplies, at places which are hard to reach like high cabinets, washing rooms, etc, is always a wise option. Another alternative is, to invest in a locked cabinet for storing the materials, as it will prove to a good decision in the long run.

Keep Them in Their Original Packing and Containers


As far as possible, ensure that, all the cleaning supplies and solutions are kept in their originally labeled bottles and containers, to avoid any sort of confusion. Also, vital information about the product and its usage is provided by the manufacturer on the label of the bottle or the container.

Be Cautious With Mixed Solutions

Ensure of using a clean container when it comes to using mixed solutions. Using the old container can pose serious problems as, residue of old chemicals in the container when mixed with newer chemicals, can be hazardous. Make use of a permanent marker when labeling the containers of mixed solutions. This will help you in differentiating the contents from one another.

Be Aware Of Expiration Dates

Each and every cleaning product comes with a fixed shelf life. Hence, ensure of checking the expiry dates of the home cleaning supplies, before using them. Cleaning solutions, having crossed their expiry period, are likely to turn toxic and it is best to discard them.

While, cleaning supplies can help in giving your home a beautiful look and tidy atmosphere, it is your responsibility to ensure of their proper storage. Doing so, will, not only make the cleaning supplies effective, it will also protect your house from any potential mishaps. All, one needs to do is, follow the above mentioned basic steps of proper handling and storage of home cleaning supplies.

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