Ensure Excellent Oral Health with a Comprehensive Dental Check-up from The Priory Dental Practice

The Priory Dental Practice offers patients more than the regular dental check-up. Dentists perform other examinations of the head and neck, as well as review the patients’ medical history, to address the person’s oral and related concerns.

[Aldridge, 11/9/2017] – Walsall-based The Priory Dental Practice offers patients a more comprehensive approach to dental check-ups by performing examinations that go beyond just the teeth. Its team of dentists and cosmetic dental practitioners helps patients achieve excellent oral health and determine other possible health issues that may be related to teeth.

Dental Check-ups

During a check-up, a dentist at The Priory Dental Practice takes a look at the patient’s teeth, gums and soft tissues. Apart from that, he/she examines the person’s head and neck, as well as previous medical records and significant social histories, to provide a thorough solution to the patient’s concerns. Once the assessment is complete, the dentist calls in the patient for a discussion of the findings and treatment options. The dentist produces a written treatment plan for the patient to cement the agreement.

For patients who were found to be suffering from a dental disease or oral condition, the practice provides a Dental Disease Care guideline. The dentists list such patients in a risk category and assign them to an appropriate recall interval. The practice makes sure each care plan is tailored to the individual needs of each patient.

In addition to the care guide proper, the practice presents payment plans to patients who need assistance in financial matters.

Fixed regular monthly payment Schemes

The Priory Dental Practice offers two competitive payment plans:

Fixed regular monthly payment Care

• Small and large x-rays included
• Fillings included
• Laboratory fee paid by patient included
• From £17.54 per month

Fixed regular monthly payment Essentials

• Small x-rays included
• 20% discount off the price
• From £6.10 per month

About The Priory Dental Practice

Established over four decades ago, The Priory Dental Practice in Portland Road, Aldridge in Walsall is a family dental practice composed of general and cosmetic dentists. Dr Amit Jutlla, a graduate of Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry, is the practice’s head dentist. He specialises in Invisalign and fixed orthodontics. As the leader of the team, he makes sure that the practice delivers efficient and on-time services for their patients.

For more information about The Priory Dental Practice, visit https://thepriorydentalpractice.co.uk for more details.

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