Global sapphire substrate market Shares, Trends, technology forecast by 2016-2021

Global sapphire substrate market is anticipated to grow at a higher CAGR in the forecast period. Generally, sapphire is a multifunctional material having ready availability of raw materials for sapphire production. Technically, sapphire production does not harm the environment and is less energy-intensive than other materials. Absence of processes such as electrolysis, pyro metallurgy and other enable it as a non-polluting element. In comparison with other materials, sapphire has higher corrosion and radiation resistance resulting into operational longevity.

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Characteristically, sapphire possesses higher biological compatibility over polymers and metals. Hence it is used in medical implants as a constructional material in biotechnology also in genetic engineering and medical instrument production. Commercially, sapphire is basically used for fabrication of substrates for LEDs, projectors and microwave devices. It is also used in fabrication of windows for residential and defense equipment also it is used in manufacture of bearings and windows for devices and watches. Lastly, sapphire is also used in manufacture of precious jewels for jewelry industry.

In the modern era, the light sources from LED are used instead of filament lamps that reduce the electric power consumption upto a significant percentage. These light sources are nothing but sapphires. Overall, the sapphire market substrate market is anticipated to grow at a higher CAGR owing to rise in commercial value of sapphire substrate.

Sapphire substrate market is driven by factors such as easy availability of raw materials and equipment suppliers coupled with labor cost. Hence, the market is expected to witness a trajectory growth in the forecast period. Sapphire substrate market is segmented into C-Plane sapphire substrate, R/M Plane Sapphire substrate, Pattern Sapphire Substrate, based on type. Based on application, the sapphire substrate market is segmented into LED, laser diodes, RFIC, silicon on sapphire ICs.

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Geographically, the sapphire substrate market spans North America, Latin America, Asia-Pacific, Europe, Middle-East and Africa. APAC regions continue to dominate the market owing to a large pool of LED manufacturers. North American market is also anticipated to grow during the forecast period with a steady CAGR owing to rise in application of high quality sapphire substrates in RFICs & laser diodes. The key players in the sapphire substrate market include CoorsTek, Crystalwise Technology Inc, Sandvik, DISCO, Hansol Technics, Aurora Opto, Monocrystal, and Rubicon Technology.

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