Neck Pillow Consumption Market Drivers, Trends, and market Challenges by 2021

Global Neck Pillow Consumption Market is segmented on the basis of type as Inflatable Neck Pillow, Contour Type Pillow, and Buckwheat Hull Travel Pillow.

A pillow or a cushion is basically comfortable equipment that is deployed to sleep on and provide a support to the head, neck or other parts of the body while sleeping, lying down or sitting. They have decorative applications and are utilized on beds, couches as well as chairs. They have been conventionally created with the help of foam and fiber, but the modern pillows are now made up of memory foam which is a heat sensitive material that can automatically take the form of the body lying upon it.

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However, there is a probability that it may not regain its actual shape at once when the body is detached from the pillow. There are various kinds of pillows designed for specific purposes. Neck pillow is one of them. Neck Pillow can be defined as a health and comfort product that provides a support to the neck by offering a deep section for the head to rest and a supportive portion to maintain the position of the neck along with the spine at the time of sleeping.

Neck pillow is also popularly known as travel pillow, as most of the users employ it during their travelling to keep their neck straight while sleeping and sitting up. Besides that, they can also be labeled as cervical pillows as they assist the patients to keep up a comfortable posture after therapeutic, orthopedic and surgical measures are being performed. This particular pillow has been prepared in a horseshoe shape for the neck contour to be deployed in the office area and largely on board.

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The most striking benefit of these pillows is that their “U” shape easily fits around the back of the neck and prevents the head from sliding into a painful and harmful posture at the time of sleeping. However, they can at times compel the head forward leading to neck stiffness. It is always recommended that one should prefer a travel pillow during their travel because they offer absolute support for head and neck, calm and relieve muscle tensions, offer relief from shoulder or neck tightness and pain, stop headaches, and avoid long term neck problems.

The prominent factors that are playing a major role in raising the share of the market entails increased awareness among the masses regarding their health, change in the lifestyle, rise in the standard of living, and rise in the disposable income of the population. It has been estimated that the Neck Pillow Consumption Market will show the highest CAGR in the near future, due to augmentation of demand across various countries. Neck Pillow Consumption Market is segmented on the basis of geographical region as United States, China, Europe, and Japan.

As far as the geography is concerned, North America is lately the leader of the market and it is estimated that the region will display a huge growth in the next couple of years, the reason being huge demand for comfort from the customers, technological advancements, and taking up of various initiatives by the government authorities to spread awareness among the masses. On the contrary, Europe and Asia Pacific are also coming as one of the promising regions, owing to existence of leading companies in the particular regions.

The key players operating in the Neck Pillow Consumption Market include Lewis N. Clark, Originalbones, U.S. Jaclean, World’s Best, TravelRest, Kuhi-comfort, Core Products, Wolf, SleepMax, Therapeutica, Cushions Xpress, Comfy Commuter, Dreamtime, Sleep innovations, Tempur-Pedic, Samsonite, Cabeau, and Xen Pillow.

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