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The last couple of weeks have been really rough week for Star Wars: swtor credits The Old Republic from a technical standpoint. The Umbara update itself gave us a handful of bugs, including some that were very difficult to bypass. Then players also noticed a couple of extreme bugs that were deemed exploits. Community Manager Eric Musco acknowledged the exploits, and for one of them, he emphatically said do not do it. “Following the bug being fixed we will begin to investigate the impact of the exploit and what action is required,” he said on the forum. In the past, those actions have ranged from a slap on the wrist to a three-day suspension to revoking future access to that account.

What was most interesting was BioWare‘s handling of the second major bug. Under normal circumstances, if players circumvented the normal rate of character progression, the MMO developers would stop everything they were doing and fix the bug immediately, or at very least, they would tell players to stop lest they be punished. Instead, Musco said on the forum, “Until they are fixed next week, enjoy them. We tried to fix the bug, the bug didn’t want to be fixed.” He actually encouraged people to take advantage of the bug.

The real crisis on Umbara
Although the issues probably started well before the intended patch day, the general public was made aware of the issues with Update 5.4 the week that we were supposed to receive the new flashpoint and story update, Crisis on Umbara. However, you might have noticed that my impressions of that flashpoint fell very late in the week. That was because the patch was delayed by two days because there was a bug that would prevent some players from being able to finish the content.

Even then, that was clearly not the only bug with the update. The other big issue was an exploit that was not visible until the following Tuesday, when players could actually earn the 60 data currency that it took to unlock the Umbara stronghold. The 60 data didn’t actually give you the stronghold; rather, they allowed you into the room where you could then purchase the stronghold for yourself and your guild. What BioWare didn’t foresee was people cleverly using the guild-summon ability to give other people access to that room — people who had not earned the 60 data. Even after another patch, BioWare was not able to fix that bug (though again, BioWare is aware of this exploit and will take action against those who use it).

There is a light at the end of the buggy tunnel that comes in the form of another mistake in programming. The daily areas in Czerka, Oricon, Black Hole, Yavin 4, Ziost, Section X, and Iokath were all giving more Command XP than was originally intended. If I recall correctly, each mission would give about 75 CXP per mission. With the bug and without any other kind of bonus, these daily areas granted 1125 CXP after the Umbara patch. BioWare granted double XP to all players for the end-of-the-summer event, and players could also get legacy bonuses and CXP boosts from the fleet or Cartel Market. The end result was that players could earn in the neighborhood of 3600 CXP for missions that were intended to grant only 75 CXP.


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