LKM Recycling Lives Up to the Challenges of Industrial Waste Management

LKM Recycling Industrial Services provides reliable, green-oriented waste management solutions. The company removes industrial clutter, as well as opens monetary and environmental benefits to customers.

[Sittingbourne, 15/9/2017] – LKM Recycling Industrial projects produce large volumes of debris and recyclable waste materials, necessitating a way to dispose of them properly. The dispatch and recycling of these wastes are an expertise of LKM. The company can assist clients in the industrial sector with their clean-up and recycling needs.

Scope of Industrial Services

LKM offers on-site plant and machinery removal, including bulk transport of equipment and supplies. The company has the logistical resources to carry out removals and relocations from the job site to off-site storage points.

One-time industrial projects can rely on LKM to collect production equipment, conveyor systems, metal building structures and containers. LKM specialises in ferrous metal recycling and makes competitive offers for scrap metal waste. The company also accepts other on-site essentials, such as refrigeration and air-conditioning units, plumbing components and heating equipment.

LKM assures clients that they don’t need to assist with lifting, processing or transport of their recyclable waste materials. Any equipment and labour required for the job are included in the service.

An Advocate for Green Practices in Business

LKM is a dedicated waste management specialist that aims to provide recycling solutions to preserve the environment. The company services diverse industries and deals with a wide range of recyclables. In the process, it is able to help clients identify waste streams that they can utilise for recycling and supplementary income.

About the company

LKM Recycling is a waste management and recycling company based in Kent. It’s been in business for over 35 years, providing Total Waste Management Solutions to offices, scrap metal businesses and other industries in the UK. It helps clients reduce waste and increase recycling rates. It also deals with industrial wastes like wood, plastic, metal, ferrous and non-ferrous materials and UPVC.

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