Increasing Demand for Digital Marketing Solution in Business Organizations Bolsters Web Content Management Market Growth

The business organizations are increasingly adopting web content management (WCM) solutions, such as mobile and social content management, experience management and content analytics, which helps business enterprises to allow the multiple employees to collaborate and work on similar issues. The collaboration within the business organization ensures that the information stays up to date by recording details on the relevant software. A website content management solution enables a business enterprise to change the text and images on their website easily. It also enables business enterprises to manage the content of their website. A content management system (CMS) helps organizations to reduce cost and store the information in database. Also, it ensures flexibility and smooth functioning to business enterprises.

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As per the findings of the research, the media & entertainment industry has been globally the largest consumer of web content management systems. The digital marketing management has been the largest revenue generating solution in the global web content management market. Based on service type, training, support & consulting has contributed largest revenue to the global market. Cloud based deployment were higher than on-premises deployments of web content management.

Geographically, North America has been the largest market for web content management. It has been observed that the companies in North America are increasingly adopting digital marketing management. The digital marketing management solution is expected to drive the growth of WCM market in the U.S. The online communication techniques include social media marketing, search engine optimization, e-mail marketing, online advertising and partnership agreements with other websites. The digital marketing solutions support the business organizations with objectives of acquiring new customers and developing customer relation. Mobile & social content management solution follows the digital marketing management solution. Both the solutions are expected to be the major factors impacting the growth of the North American web content management market.

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The demand for analytics systems, like Mixpanel, Amplitude or Heap Analytics, enables various business organizations to easily measure product engagement by customers. With the help of analytics systems, business enterprises get visibility into customer engagement by the way of product usage. Companies can create dashboards and run reports on all kinds of metrics such as what cohorts are expected to churn, and when, how and for how long a new customer can be retained. These metrics provide a valuable insight into where the product is succeeding and where it might lag behind. The data provides detailed insights to the companies about where they need to experiment and run a customer development process, so the users can get the most value out of the product.

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The research states that the global web content management market had a concentrated structure in 2015, where the top three competitors accounted for a major share of the market. Some of the key players in the global market include Oracle Corporation, Open Text Corporation, Adobe Systems Inc., IBM Corporation, SDL Plc, Microsoft Corporation, Sitecore Corporation, Aquia Inc., Episerver Inc., and EMC Corporation.

Product launches, and mergers & acquisitions have been the major recent developments of companies operating in the web content management market. Dell EMC, SDL plc, Open Text Corporation, Episerver and Acquia are some of the companies that recently introduced new web content management solutions. Genus Technologies and IBM were some of the major players to announce partnerships in this market.


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