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Reasons to Invest in Electronic Pet Doors

As a pet owner, we expect (sometimes unreasonably) our creatures to be able to hold themselves for as long as we need them to. Occasionally it’s 8 hours, sometimes it’s “5 more minutes”. Whatever the reason, we can all agree that this can be a less than ideal situation. Lots of people have alleviated that problem by incorporating in pet doors, amounting to large holes in the base of your doorway with a flap to enable the pet accessibility in and out. However, this solution posed it’s own set of issues: stray animals coming in, unwanted animals going out. The solution you ask? Electronic pet doors.
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Electronic pet doors are the latest rage in pet door technology. There are several variations powered by various technologies, but the bottom line is they are intended to just open for desired pets. These components are generally powered by battery, and work in conjunction with some “key” that is attached to your pet’s collar. Whenever your pet approaches the door, the door automatically opens, and the same when he returns. If a stray or other animal without a vital approaches, the door does not open.

Installing electronic pet doors will pay off dividends nearly instantly. Not only will your pet love you for providing them the freedom to ease themselves whenever they want, you will never have to get up to open up the door for them! No more waking up groggy and disgruntled at 3am to open the door for Fido!

There are 3 general kinds of electronic doggie doors: RFID, magnetic, and infrared. RFID tags are the latest rage, and it’s application in this case is genius: they provide greater range than magnetic keys, and every RFID tag is exceptional allowing customization to get higher end units. Magnetic chips operate by having a little magnet on the interior of the main, which causes a reaction when it approaches another “receiving” magnet. Finally, infrared keys work using the very same principles as your garage opener. Magnetic and RFID tags work without batteries, even if that’s important to you.

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Most digital pet doors for small and medium sized pets are not that expensive, ranging from as low as $60 to about $200 for most units. You’ll also need to be quite handy with tools in order to set up your pet door, or installation costs will increase the final bill.

Getting an electronic pet door is a win-win scenario: your pet no longer has to wait around for youpersonally, and you no longer have to get up for your pet. These doors also protect against external animals, giving you peace of mind. If you really wish to spoil your animal, this is the way to go.

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