chinese news —English Media in China

The only national chinese news paper in english is China Daily, with a daily circulation of over 200,000. There are many sections to introduce and report current affairs both at home and abroad. It also focuses on business, education, sports and entertainment. You can buy it at any of the newspaper kiosks, 2 Yuan for one. Some of the hotels in China also provide you with the newspaper for free.
Two stations of CCTV (China Central Television) are broadcast in foreign languages: CCTV-9 (CCTV International) in English and CCTV-E&F in French and Spanish.

Launched in 2000, CCTV-9 was the first channel in the country to broadcast in the non-native language. All the programs whether news, culture, or special topics, are broadcast all day in English. This channel not only reports current events, but also introduces Chinese history, geography, culture, and nature.

CCTV-E&F is another Chinese channel that broadcasts in foreign languages: French and Spanish, This station not only tells the significant news of China and the world, but also shows the world some programs that foreigners are interested in, especially foreigners from French and Spanish-speaking countries.

In addition to CCTV-9 & CCTV-F&E, CCTV has a third station for expatriot audiences: CCTV 4. Whereas the programs for the previous stations are designed for a Western audience, CCTV 4 is broadcast entirely in Mandarin with the Asian audience in mind. It includes news shows, documentaries, talk shows, TV dramas, variety shows, and soap operas.

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