PGS Software Discusses What is Cloud and How They Have Used It in Past Projects

PGS Software advises what is Cloud and how they have utilized this technology to provide clients with successful completed projects.

PGS Software is a leading software development company based in Poland. This well-established company caters to clients in all industries throughout the world providing top quality software development solutions based on their unique project requirements. The company has a proven track record for turning their clients ideas into business solutions that they can count on and trust.

The company comprises of a dedicated team of more than five hundred processionals, all of which have extensive industry experience and AR passionate in providing their clients with first class services at all times. The team use their years of experience and their superior industry knowledge to meet the company’s high quality standards and their clients expectations.

PGS Software advised that they have worked with hundreds of companies throughout the world helping them develop the software that they need from cloud based projects to mobile applications and so much more. They mentioned that they have successfully completed more than one thousand nine hundred projects, that is more than five million three hundred thousands hours of work.

This company mentioned that they use the cloud extensively in what they do with more companies turning to the cloud to store their valuable data, programs, systems and more. They advised that the cloud is numerous servers which run applications online. It enables companies to provide employees access to their systems from anywhere and at any time. It is also used to save companies money, enabling them to store their website and important business applications on the cloud, it offers excellent security and access from anywhere on any device as long as you have internet.

Wojtek Gurgul, the CEO at PGS Software said “We had the opportunity to work on Verindi, which is a cloud based budget tracker for Degree Consulting Group. Degree appreciated that within a relatively small amount of working hours and a condensed team, we created a comprehensive tool that fully solved the budget-tracking problems and was ready to successfully enter the market. Cloud-based architecture makes it easily accessible and allows for a real-time, yet coherent collaboration, while the per-defined structure and smart finance-tracking tools help the users manage analyze and predict all the relevant numbers.”

About Us: PGS Software is a software development specialist based in Poland. This well-established company converts ideas into effective business solutions with more than four hundred professionals working with them to ensure that they provide their clients with first class services at all times. The company has worked with hundreds of companies around the world and successfully completed more than one thousand eight hundred projects. PGS Software offers smart solutions tailored to each client. They work with companies in all industries and companies of all sizes, putting a winning team together to ensure that they receive the product that they need. To find out more, visit

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