Platforms For Different Construction Projects Offered By All Access Scaffolding Limited

All Access Scaffolding Limited (, one of the leading providers of scaffolding solutions in the United Kingdom, is proud to announce their wide variety of available platforms. They have unique solutions for everyone to accurately address their specific construction needs.

One of their available platforms is the chimney and roof scaffolding in Leicestershire. This is best used for chimney and roof repairs, roof extensions, and accessing of the chimney flue. This kind of platform is specifically made to easily reach the chimney itself and certain parts of the roof. It is also designed to protect roof tiles from acquiring damage while construction or repairs are ongoing.

All Access Scaffolding Limited is also offering progressive brickwork scaffolding Charnwood. This design is for projects that are carried out in small parts. When a certain level or job has been accomplished, the scaffold can be increased in height so workers can proceed to the next part of the project. This kind of scaffolding is usually used for larger building or walls.

Another one of their available platforms is the tower scaffolding, which is used for small maintenance tasks such as window repairs and exterior wall repainting. This is a better alternative to a ladder because of its durability and stability. It also has a lot of space to place various equipment. As a result, workers will not have to go up and down just to collect their tools.

Aside from providing the platform itself, this company can also assist in supplying and erecting scaffold poles, planks, and safety netting wherever required by the client or the construction site.

All Access Scaffolding Limited pride themselves in providing scaffoldings that comply with the highest safety standards. Because of this, they have gained the trust of a lot of their customers. Here’s what Dave Bartholomew, one of their clients, has to say about them: Thank you for the excellent, professional service provided for the scaffolding of ours and our neighbour’s house. The team were reliable with the satisfaction of the customer being paramount. An excellent service from start to finish”.

To learn more about their available platforms, head to their official website at

About All Access Scaffolding Limited

All Access Scaffolding Limited is a provider of high-quality scaffolding solutions that are suitable for both commercial and residential constructions. Because of their 20 years of combined experience and full CITB registration, everyone is assured of receiving fast and professional services from them. If you are interested in working with them, there are various ways to get in touch with this company. You can speak to one of their representatives by calling 0116 224 5334. For your questions, comments, and suggestions, you can fill out their contact form at or send a message to

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