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Of their Buy RS Mobile Gold roster fails to reflect that.While Golden State accumulated versatile, athletic wings, the Thunder spent draft picks on big men. Max player Enes Kanter could only stay on the floor 13 minutes against Golden State while starter Steven Adams managed just 20. Mitch McGary and Nick Collison didn’t play. These big men is where Oklahoma City invested their


future, but they’ve only been rewarded by Golden State’s small ball revolution completely invalidating their approach. Once their assets were already tied up in the front court, the Thunder realized how important wings would be to successfully wage a war against Golden State but had no choice but to go cheap. In comes Dion Waiters, who was a team-worst minus


24 on Thursday, and Kyle Singler, who was roasted by Curry and Klay Thompson all night. Randy Foye arrived at the trade deadline but only managed four points on 2-of-7 shooting in the rematch, while Roberson missed the three that exemplifies all of Oklahoma City’s struggles this year.If there’s reason for Durant to stay in Oklahoma this summer, despite


Golden State officially sweeping the Thunder in the season Cheap RS Mobile Gold series, it’s that the talent around him is fixable. With the cap rising and a couple big men who still hold NBA value, perhaps Oklahoma City can adjust their outlook and turn the Thunder into a true copycat squad able to almost match everything the Warriors do. But right now, they’re a worthy opponent who



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