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Dear PVPers, as we know, Game Update 5.4 is scheduled to be launched on 22nd, meanwhile season 8 will be end on this time. Therefore, we should seize the best time to earn more rewards before the end of the season. Today will show you these amazing rewards and what rating you need to be to obtain them. Of course, if you find cheap swtor credits online to make your game stronger, our site should be your first choice.

Now let’s check out the rewards as below:

1. Bronze Tier (Rating 1250-1499)

Bronze Season 8 Battle Flag
Bronze Season 8 Frame Decoration
15,000 Season 8 Tokens
Bronze Season 8 Character Portrait Flair
Bronze Season 8 Title – “Hot [Character Name]”

2. Silver Tier (Rating 1500-1749)

Silver Season 8 Battle Flag
Silver Season 8 Frame Decoration
85,000 Season 8 Tokens
Silver Season 8 Character Portrait Flair
Silver Season 8 Title – “Sizzling [Character Name]”
Bronze Season 8 Title (in case they like the Bronze title more than the Silver title)

3. Gold Tier (Rating 1750+)

Gold Season 8 Battle Flag
Gold Season 8 Frame Decoration
250,000 Season 8 Tokens
Gold Season 8 Character Portrait Flair
Gold Season 8 Title – “[Character Name] the Fiery”
Silver Season 8 Title
Bronze Season 8 Title

4. Top 96

Class-specific Season 8 Top 96 Title – “[Player Name], on Fire”
Top 96 Season 8 Character Portrait Flair
350,000 Season 8 Tokens
Every tier exclusive reward from the Gold, Silver, and Bronze tiers

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