Drill Presses Market Growth Rates, Application, Market driving factors Forecast by 2021

Global Drill Press Market is segmented based on types, application, and region. Drill presses is also known as drilling machines, pedestal drill, bench drill, or pillar drill, which are mainly used to drill or enlarge a cylindrical hole in hard substances. It is also used for reaming, countersinking, tapping, and counter boring with the help of reamer. On a rotating spindle, drill is held and is fed into the work piece, which is typically held in a vise resting on a table.

For different purposes drill presses with one spindle or multiple spindle are available. There are three important factors that makes the drill press are column (pillar), worktable, spindle (quill), base, and drill head. There are various sizes and shapes available in drilling machines from small hand-held power drills to bench mounted and floor mounted models.

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Drilling presses use tools that has cutting edges at its point. Chuck or Morse taper is used to hold the cutting tool, which is then rotated and fed into the work at variable speeds. Drill Press Market is classified, by types into Vertical Drill Press, Horizontal Drill Press, Hand-Feed, Power-Feed, Radial Drill Press, Numerically Controlled Drilling Machine, Multiple Spindle Drilling Machine, Gang Drilling Machine, Turret Drill Pressand others.

Hand-feed or powered-feed drilling machines are used for repairing and fabricating needed parts. Hand-feed drilling machines are the most common type of drilling machines used manually, as these are light duty machines and can be bench mounted or floor mounted. Whereas, power-feed drilling machines are superior in size and heavy. It works automatically. Extensively used at maintenance shops, or at work that uses large drills with power feeds.

Drill Presses Market is classified, by tools and equipment into Twist Drills (High Speed Steel drills, Carbide Tipped Drills), Special drills (Straight Fluted Type, Special Fluted Type), and others. Drill Presses Market is classified, by applications into Wood processing, Mechanical Processing, and others.

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Drill Press Market is segmented, geographically into North America, Europe (Eastern Europe, Western Europe), Asia Pacific, Latin America, Middle East and Africa. Drill Presses Market key players are, JEI, Hougen, C. & E. Fein GmbH, Milwaukee, Unibor, CS Unitec, G & J HALL TOOLS, Champion, Rotabroach, DEWALT, PROMOTECH, Metabo, Evolution Power Tools, FASTENAL and Steelmax.

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