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A negotiation ended  Cheap MU2 Online Zen fairly when everyone dislikes the result? That’s the age minimum.The NBA wants the minimum to be higher (20 instead of 19). The players’ union wants the minimum to be abolished. The colleges want it to be even higher (21 or 22). Fans disagree vehemently whether it should even exist at all. Bargained in 2005 and implemented in time for the


2006 draft, the rule has provided no more clarity on the underlying debate of whether teenagers can handle the NBA during its decade in place. It figures to be under heavy attention as the league and players negotiate a new labor deal over the next 18 months.Into this debate arrives a new book from Jonathan Abrams — Boys Among Men — documenting


the brief prep-to-pro era that precipitated the rule.Abrams documents the history of players moving straight from high school into the NBA, touching on the players who did it in the ’70s — including Moses Malone, Darryl Dawkins and Bill Willoughby — but focusing most heavily on those who followed Kevin Garnett and Kobe Bryant on the path.


As you can see in the text at the bottom, there are a lot of Cheap MU Legend Zen  wonderful stories showing the character of the prospects who made the leap and the GMs who bet their careers on the 18-year-olds. But there’s also a pretty direct conclusion to draw from the survey: the prep-to-pro era successes far outweigh the failures. Abrams doesn’t hide those failures



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