A guide to postal services in Shanghai

During your stay in shanghai post you might want to send some presents to your family or transfer some of your goods and documents around the world.

In order to do so, you may want to consider the postal services as listed below. With a symbolic color of green,China Post mainly operates both domestic and international mail services. Some China Post post offices in Shanghai offer English service, with the biggest branch located at Suzhou Rd N., at the intersection with Sichuan Rd N. Other outlets include the one at Shanghai Center, 1376 Nanjjing Rd W. and at 1337 Huaihai Rd M. You may visit their website for more information.
It is not expensive at all for you to mail a domestic letter in China. The price varies according to the weight of your mail and the delivering distance.

For letters less than 100g: For each 20g, 0.6 Yuan is charged if the mail is delivered in the same city, while 0.8 Yuan is for the intercity mail delivery.

For letters over 100g: For each extra 100g, 1.2 Yuan should be added for the mail delivered in the same city and 2.0 Yuan for the intercity mail.

Registered post is much faster but an additional 3.0 Yuan will be charged for each piece of mail as the registration fee.Using China Post to mail a package, you can trace it via its tracking number. The number beginning with ‘EE’ refers to an EMS parcel. The tracking number beginning with letter ‘RR’ refers to an ordinary surface mail which is slower. Otherwise, there are tracking numbers beginning with other letters.

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