Drop Jordan 928 Will restock in October

With Drop Jordan set to take place later this month, we have seen what Nike will officially be releasing throughout the entire month of March. The original Air Max silhouette initially debuted nearly 3 decades ago and it still remains to be one of the most highly regarded collections in the Nike catalog. We have witnessed various versions of the shoe hit the scene over the years and that trend isn’t slowing down anytime soon. In honor of the occasion Nike will be releasing a full series of both new and old Air Max models. The Air Max 1 was the first to hit the scene back in 1987 so Nike made sure to give it extra attention this time around.
We have already seen this pair make its release and march, but with the Buty Jordan Sklep restocking this past week, we knew that the white/blue pair was right behind it. The iconic model will be coming outfitted in a vibrant shade of blue that highlights a mostly white upper. Hints of grey are also used throughout while neon green can be found on the Air Max unit in the heel. Look for this classic edition to hit shelves this weekend on October 12.
Cheap Air Max‘s Fenty Collection is ready to make waves in the same way that it did in 2016 when it took home best shoe honors from FootwearNews for the Fenty Creeper. With their Fall collection of 2017, we have our first release in this aesthetically different shoe.Taking the already large sole of the lowtop Creeper, Fenty now adds on top of that model, with an even bulkier outsole under it. Then, finishing off the shoe is the ankle strap that reads “Puma”.

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