Nanosensors Market Rising Due To Growing Demand from Healthcare Electronics Industry and Internet-of-Things (IoT)

The rising application of Nanosensors in electronics access control system equipment, growing demand of nanosensors from healthcare electronics industry and Internet-of-Things (IoT) are some of the recent trends observed in the global nanosensors market. Nanosensors are tiny chemical, biological and surgical sensory devices having ability to sense and detect nanoparticals. Nanosensors market is gaining attention due to their ability to convey information about nanoparticles. Nanosensors are generally of the size between one nanometer and 100 nanometers. Light absorption properties of nanoscale materials are also different from the macroscale materials. Some nanoscale materials become translucent for particles smaller in size. In the field of nanotechnology, nanosensors are instruments capable of monitoring physical and chemical properties of the regions which are difficult to reach and explore.

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Nanosensors find their application in several sectors such as petroleum, forensic, environmental protection, fiber optic nano-cameras, labs-on-chips, cancer detection, robotics, total blood testing, mass and pressure measurement, nanoelectronics, security, military and surveillance, food and beverage, aerospace, automotive, petroleum and others. The associated benefits with nanosensors, such as compact size, low power consumption, increased reliability and the ability to correspond easily with semiconductor chips, are the key drivers for the growth of nanonsensors market . The increasing nanosensors market has also led to the growth in number of supplier industries, such as design services, design software, fabrication facilities and fabrication equipment. This has eased the sourcing of raw materials for nanosensors industry.

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Among the various growth drivers of the nanosensors market, the major drivers include the stringent hazards and safety legislation for industries such as petrochemicals, increasing expenditure on advanced electronics access control system in homeland security, and advent of flexible nanosensors for wearable applications. Moreover, the cost-effective manufacturing of atomically-precise nanosensors is laying new market opportunities for the global nanosensors market. The increasing demand from government based agencies, coupled with increasing awareness about overall reduction in therapy cost based on nanosensors is expected to support the growth of the global nanosensors market during the forecast period. Whereas, some of the predominant challenges that nanosensors market need to overcome include early untested technologies, and lack of collaborative OEM partnerships around the value chain.

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Some of the major players in nanosensors market include Nanomix Inc,, Nano Detection Technologies Inc., Affymetrix Inc., attocube systems AG, Altair Nanotechnologies Inc., Bayer AG, BioCrystal Ltd., Debiotech S.A., Diabetech, Thermo Fischer Scientific, Nippon Hosp Kyokai, Specialized Imaging, Spectra Fluidics, Micro-Tech Scientific Incorporated, and Pacific Nano Technologies.


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