Down Sleeping Bag Market Research Analysis Report By Revenue, Volume, Outlook To 2021

Global Down Sleeping Bag Market is segmented based on type of shapes, application, and region. The sleeping bags are used to keep you warm at night. Down sleeping bags are the by-product and natural products that guarantees comfortably dry sleeping climate as it absorbs and transports moisture and are used in puffy jackets. Down is different form feathers and each fragment of down is called plumule. It is mainly the undercoating of waterfowl that may be geese or ducks and are fully harvested before they are completely mature.

Down is an insulation material used to maintain the warmth of the sleeping bag. These bags are comfortable, warm, durable, and costly. Goose or duck filling is used as an insulation in down sleeping bags. In the chest area below the protective feathers, the fine, fluffy down grows. When down is bigger than better the insulation and loft. The space remaining between filaments traps the warm air.

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Most probably, goose down is usually at higher end whereas, duck down is at lower end. The reason being most goose down has superior loft than duck down. Naturally, down is more expensive as compared to synthetic. This is because it is harder to find ethical sources of down, and ethical down is a rarer commodity than synthetic insulation.

To create hydrophobic down using advanced technology, many manufacturers have started putting water resistant coatings into down clusters and is proven that hydrophobic down dries faster than regular down. Down Sleeping Bag Market is classified, by type of shapes into Mummy, Tapered, Rectangular, Single Sided, Double Width Bags, Lightweight Bags, Quilts, and others.

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Mummy – its shape is like an Egyptian mummy with zip and is usually designed for the coldest conditions with hood and neck muff. Rectangular – these bags are designed to open out into a quilt, with zips across the bottom. These bags are not specially made for cold condition and some of these bags have hood. These bags are widely used for warm conditions and travel. Down Sleeping Bag Market is classified, by fill into 850 Down, 800+ Down, 600+ Down, and others.

Down Sleeping Bag Market is classified, by application into Base Camp, Flight, Mountain, Expedition, and others. Down Sleeping Bag Market is segmented, geographically into North America, Europe (Eastern Europe, Western Europe), Asia Pacific, Latin America, Middle East and Africa.

Globally, Asia Pacific region accounted for the largest market share of the Down Sleeping Bag Industry and will remain dominant over the forecast period. China shares major contribution to down sleeping bag market. The reason being, higher production of down in this region, and increasing restaurants. On the other hand, some down also comes from Eastern Europe. Down Sleeping Bag Industry key players are, Vaude, AMG Group, Jarden, Johnson Outdoors, Snugpak, Big Agnes, Jack Wolfskin, Columbia Sportswear, Gelert, and Exxel Outdoors.


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