When buying straight stairlifts

According to Associated Stairlifts, a leading provider of all stair lifts and related products and services, they have high quality products available, also straight stair lifts. The company says they have been in the business of providing, installing and servicing all stair lifts throughout the UK for many years.

They add that they are based in the Midlands and that it is therefore easy to work in every region, town and city. There is hardly a town or city where they have not been able to assist clients and bring them top quality service, according to the company.

They say they work seven days a week and are always ready to help clients. The moment a client wants to find out more about their lifts and services, they say, it only takes an email or telephone call to schedule an appointment.

Their engineers and technicians are true professionals with great experience and knowledge about their industry, the products they market and install – and also repair and service. Because they offer both curved and straight stair lifts, they say, clients can feel assured that they will deal with a company that knows every detail pertaining to installation and maintenance, the company advises.

Their straight stair lifts, they say – as is the case with their curved lifts – are sourced from the best manufacturers in the business. They know their suppliers well and deal with only the best, technologically advanced and trusted names in the industry, they say. According to the company, the lifts they install are known to last much longer than what is considered to be acceptable in the industry.

They emphasise that they try hard to help everybody; therefore they offer products and services to suit all clients and budgets. Some clients prefer to buy their lifts whereas others go a different route: they rent their stair lifts from them. Either way, the company says, there is a package for all.

All their lifts are known for features such as smooth operation, easy gliding up and down the stair case, sturdy armrests and strong footrests. They say these lifts are all manufactured from the strongest, best quality material to ensure the client peace of mind and great comfort.

Mr Andrew Lewis, Director of the company was quoted during one of his recent interviews, “At Associated Stairlifts we leave nothing to chance. We make absolutely sure that our lifts are among the best available and that our service stands out above the others. We are proud of our company and the way we conduct our business.”

Some of the straight stair lifts they have available include trusted names such as the Harmer Pinnacle Plus and Premium options, the Brooks Slimline, Meditek, Homeglide and Platinum options, to name some.

At Associated Stairlifts we offer our clients a wide variety of the best stair lifts available in the country. Apart from our products we also offer additional services that include various service plans and a number of rental options. Our high quality stair lifts include straight, curved and reconditioned stair lifts to suit every client and budget. We stock most of the major makes and models, which include Acorn, Platinum and Minivator among them. We further buy stair lifts which no longer suit the needs of clients. We also offer a free, no obligation quotation. For more information, please visit our website at http://www.associatedstairlifts.co.uk/

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