Car Dust Collector Market Trends, Analysis, Growth, Overview Outlook 2016-2021

Global car dust collector market, on the basis of geography, is segmented into Middle East & Africa, North America, Europe, Asia Pacific and Latin America. A dust collector is a system used to enhance the quality of air released from industrial and commercial processes by collecting dust and other impurities from air or gas. Designed to handle high-volume dust loads, a dust collector system consists of a blower, dust filter, a filter cleaning system and a dust receptacle or dust removal system.

It is distinguished from air cleaners which use disposable filters to remove dust. The term dust control is a misnomer. It should be better termed as dust suppressant; the reason being that many people perceive dust control means not having any dust. The real fact is that you have less dust with the treatment than you would have without it.

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Dust control systems are the systems used to suppress or collect the dust produced by industrial processes involved in the cement manufacturing, steel production and mining activities. Primarily there are two types of systems used to control these dusts, dry collection and wet suppression. Dry collection systems use bag houses with fabric filters that vacuum dust from the source and collect it in a hopper for disposal. Wet suppression systems use water sprays that are commonly engaged in controlling of the fugitive dust from roads, piles and processing operations.

Water spray systems are the most common wet suppression technology. These technologies are widely used to maintain mining and industrial facilities in compliance with local, state and federal laws that regulate dust emissions. Few wet suppression systems use foams or surfactants for specialized application to improve performance, especially for materials like petroleum or coal that are difficult to wet.

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More than 50 percent of U.S. roadways are gravel roads making them a vital part of the transportation system. One of the major drawbacks about the gravel roads is the dust they produce when vehicles drive over them. Dust can also have adverse effects on air quality and the environment and reduce the safety for drivers due to impaired vision. Dust suppression is of critical importance in the mining business. South Africa holds immense potential for dust control systems, to be deployed in the mining sector.

Compliance with the dust standards, availability of proper explosion protection devices to counteract with the hazards involved re few more probable factors restraining the growth of the car dust collector industry market. The car dust collector market is expected to remain quite optimistic for the forecast period. North America dominated the car dust collector market in terms of market revenue.

Asia Pacific & Japan are projected to expand at a substantial growth and will contribute to the car dust collector market value exhibiting a robust CAGR during the forecast period. The key players of car dust collector market are Panasonic, Philips Electronics, Electrolux, Media, Haier, Yujin Robot Co. Ltd., Dyson Inc., Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd., Hayward Industries Inc., Ecovacs Robotics Inc. and N.V. Pentair Plc…more

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