Experience The World Of Geoinformatics At SIG Pune!


The field of Geoinformatics is one of the fastest growing domains of expertise all around the world. It primarily deals with the proper use and utilization of Information Science infrastructure for dealing with the varied problems of Geography, Cartography, Geosciences, Locations and related areas of Science and Engineering.

Keeping this demand in mind, the Symbiosis Institute of Geoinformatics – popularly known as the SIG – was set up in the year 2004. The idea was to present students with an ideal learning environment for learning the many varied aspects of Geoinformatics. Courses at this institute have been designed to create and nurture competent and expert professionals in the areas of Digitization, Environmental Impact, Remote Sensing, Watershed Management, Photogrammetric Mapping, GIS Development, Map Analysis, Navigation and E-Governance.

As a result of imparting top-tier training in the domain of Geospatial Technologies, the institute has managed to maintain an enviable track record of 100% campus placements right since their inception itself. As a result, the institute is presently offering advanced training in subjects ranging from Basic Mapping Sciences and GIS Application Development to Analytical Decision-making, Soft-skills and Personality Development.

What kind of facilities can I expect at SIG?

As an institute offering specialized courses such as an MSc in Geoinformatics, SIG truly has some world-class facilities to offer to its students. They provide an integrated network of high-end computers with a centralized server for all of their resource management needs and requirements. To add to that, there is an internet facility to help students reference the very latest of scientific literature from all around the world. The computers are also equipped with the very latest versions of GIS software suites which are essentially used industry-wide for their exceptional quality performance standards. These are further accompanied by industry-grade image processing software suites. Along with these, the computer lab here is also equipped with special software suites essential for the task of photogrammetry.

The institute also has its very own Global Positioning System in addition to a variety of useful programming tools. The library here has a state-of-the-art collection of books and journals offering the very latest information and updates from the field of Geoinformatics. The institute is also equipped with many types of maps from a variety of sources.

In addition to these facilities, the institute offers medical insurance to each and every one of its students. To assist students further with maintaining good health, the institute comes equipped with a gymnasium and additional facilities for sports and Yoga. These and many other amenities and student conveniences form an integral part of the institute.

We hope this information assists you in building a wonderful career in the world of Geoinformatics. We would also recommend that you go check out SIG’s highly sought after MTech in Geoinformatics course at their website. We wish all you readers an amazing career ahead!

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