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One of the new characters we’ve seen in trailers for Star Wars Battlefront 2 has a familiar face: Emperor Palpatine’s. Anyway,you can Join for cheap swtor credits .

Instead of the ol’ hologram projector, in Battlefront 2 the Emperor’s taken to having his face projected onto the body of a tall, imposing red-clothed messenger droid. It’s a convenient way for his final orders to stick around post-Death Star explosion, but it’s also a fun callback to the Emperor’s elite royal guards, seen for about seven seconds in Return for the Jedi. As it turns out, the design also makes for a pretty amazing cosplay.

The crew over at Tested (including longtime PC Gamer writer Norman Chan) partnered up with EA for a sponsored costume build of the messenger droid, complete with a wrinkly Palpatine mask and gorgeous LED-lit helmet. The whole outfit looks like the spitting image of the messenger droid as seen in gameplay footage. Tested is promising a series of builds showing how builder Frank Ippolito created the costume.

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