Oil Free Compressor Market – Popular Trends & Technological advancements to Watch Out for Near Future 2023

The global oil free compressor market is driven by higher reliability, and lower installation and maintenance cost. The government regulations towards energy efficiency and environment protection are also expected to increase the market penetration of oil free compressors during the forecast period. The demand of superior air quality particularly in healthcare, textile, and food and beverage industry is expected to the drive the growth of the global oil free compressor market during 2015-2020. The custom based product design to match the end users requirement, along with enhanced service offering are the recent trends witnessed in the global oil free compressor market. The high competition among the oil free compressor manufacturing companies, along with lack of product innovation is hindering the growth of the global market.

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 Oil-free compressors are positive displacement compressors propelled by a mechanical crank-shaft. The piston compressor decreases the volume of air by the pistons movement in a narrowed planetary, where the air gets compressed. The oil free compressor market is consolidated, as the top ten players accounted for more than 70% share of the global market in 2014. The brand identities of oil free compressor among the end users are prohibitive, and hence the barriers of entry for the new players are high. The smaller players can focus on the niche industrial applications, such as oil and gas, and chemical. Moreover, the small players can also get the competitive gain by offering products with diverse performance range. In electronics and textile industry, oil compressors can led to higher rejection rates that increase the production down time and higher operating cost. Oil free compressor is widely used in these industries, owing to availability of filter cartridges, rubber material, and desiccant materials for the superior efficiency and lower rejection rates; moreover their maintenance cost is also low due to the oil free operation.

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Asia-Pacific accounted for the largest oil free compressor market in 2014. The growth of the end user industry, such as food processing, electrical and electronics, and textile has boosted the demand of the market in Asia-Pacific. Moreover, the increasing government regulation towards environment safety, along with growing awareness towards sustainability among the end user industry is expected to boost the demand of oil free compressor market during forecast period. The North American market is fueled by the increasing industrial output, post economic slowdown. The U.S. along with Canada is the major regional markets in North America. Brazil is expected to be the major market in Latin America during 2015-2020.The major players, such as Gardner Denver and Atlas Copco accounted for majority of market share in 2014.

The top competitors have high propriety learning curves that provide competitive advantage over other players. Some of the competitors in the global oil free compressor market are, Atlas Copco, Bauer Compressor Inc., Werther International Inc., and Gardner Denver.

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