Global Jointer Surface Planer Market Share, Trends, Analysis by Application to 2021

Global Jointer Surface Planer Market is segmented on the basis of product type, application, and others. The Surface Planer (better known as a “Jointer”) is used to plane one face and one side of solid timber straight and square to each other. It’s an essential machine with respect to all woodworking projects. A surface planer is designed with two tables, an out feed table and an infeed table with a cutter block all set between them. Surface planers can utilize a range of cutter blocks including a wedge bar hold system, spiral block or centrifugal block.

This machine does feature a motor rotating a cutting head at high speed, and as the machine is quite heavy and big, it generally sits on a dedicated surface such as a table or plane bench. The surface planer’s size could vary, and the size of the boards that could be placed in the machine would vary as per the machine’s size.

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One of the most common problems relating to the surface planer is the condition termed as “snipe”. This does occur when the board is planned at a different thickness at the end or beginning of the planning process as the board is fed into the machine in an incorrect manner. Another common problem with a surface planer is the machine’s inability of making a straight cut if the opposite side of the board is not even or very close to even. If the opposite side isn’t even, the planer would plane the board as per any imperfections on the opposite side.

Jointer Surface Planer Market is classified, by type into closed-stand jointers, open stand jointers, benchtop jointers, jointer or planers and others (flat combination jointers, acrylic jointers, brick jointers, bit-grapevine, and barrel, interchangeable). Closed-stand jointers come in four sizes; namely 6, 8, 12, and 16 inches. This jointer comes in an enclosed base to keep the motor and at the same time protect it from dust. It also decreases the noise and vibration.

Open stand jointers are amongst the less expensive ones that are easy to move and transport. Benchtop jointers are the baby versions of table jointers. These will work for smaller projects. Jointers or planers allow cutting wood according to specific dimensions. At the same time, it allows to create a flat surface.

Jointer Surface Planer Market is classified by product types into hardwood, and softwood. Jointer Surface Planer Market is classified by application into Industry and others. Jointer Surface Planer Market is segmented geographically into North America, Europe (Eastern Europe, Western Europe), Asia Pacific, Latin America, Middle East and Africa. Jointer Surface Planer Market key players are MARTIN, Scm, Weinig, Ridge, Messers Griggio, Steton, PAOLONI, Guilliet, Robland, SICHUAN QINGCHENG MACHINERY, WEIHAI QIQUAN WOODWORKING MACHINERY and GONGYOU GROUP.

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