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1. At the end of the death animation, Araxxi Fighting Spider-Man will die.

2.Brows Brothers The right-click option generated by other players has been deleted.

3. The Max guild owner portal has been updated and added the Set Arrival option to various bosses.

4. Added the “Do not ask me” option when prompted to re-adjust the Max Guild owner portal about 100k coin charges.

5. Surge and escape can now be used during global cooling.


1.Menaphos VIP area of ??the fishing point has been close to each other, and now only in the west side of the pool spawning.

2.Fisherman Fisherman has arrived in Menaphos VIP area.

3. Fishermen fishing fishermen moved to the northeast coastline.

4. The boost and activation options on the action bar with the skill cloak are used interchangeably.

5. Member skills challenge to 5, can be improved by the free agent.

Utility updates

1.Added a right-click option to select a destination on the various fairy rings in the game world without having to first visit Zanaris.
2.Menaphos soul obelisk added the “check the progress” option.
The skill name has been added to the strange rocks and the golden rocks.
3.Now, the full complement of the Scrims thief will be stacked in the new bank.
4.Prifddinas Meilyr area of the farmer’s distance away from the bank counter has been adjusted.
5.At present, Varrock’s delivery means that the player will be slightly closer to the staff shop (depending on the Varrock task to complete the setup).
6.Lumbridge delivery means will send players closer to the combat college.
7.The following items will now always show a predator: the ghost hunter device, the ancient logo, the perfect chitin, the camel journal, the Magister journal, the Adamant dragon journal and the Attuned crystal seed.

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