Router Table Market: Market Opportunities and Business Strategy Forecast by 2021

Global Router Table Market is segmented based on types, accessories, application, and region. Router tables are the tables used for smoothing edges cut long moldings and mold small projects. It is easier and faster to use router tables instead of router alone. Router table are most useful and versatile tool used in many shops. The router is mounted securely in a table, so that both the hands are free during cut.

Enclosed Cabinet Base Router table helps to diminish dust and noise from the router and also offers large storage space for accessories and router bits.Table top and fence are the same. The router is fixed to an insert plate inside the table top, that allows for easy access for bit changes. On the other hand, fence is used to keep various accessories, such as dust hood, and bit guards.

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Router tables are useful for double dust collection, super storage space, safe, convenient switch, MDF for stability, fully adjustable fence, rock solid top, tough work surfaces, and others. CDX pine is widely used as plywood material for router table. Router tables are also used to increase the versatility of hand-held router.

Router Table Market is classified, by types into Extension Router Table, Bench Top Router table, Floor Standing Router Table, and others. Extension Router Table is also called as extendable router table. It is known to be unique type because its dimension can be adjusted accordingly. With a deep top and standard fence both sides of router table can be extendable. Measuring tapes, wood frame, durable safety guard, router fence, T-slot and aluminum T-track, high split fence, and split fence are the factors that are made available. The top of table may be of MDF core, melamine surfaces and polyethylene edges.

Bench Top Router Table is the most common type of router table with an impressive versatility on which different types of routers can be fixed. These tables are sturdy and long, thus offers sufficient space for the work material. These tables are widely used by wood workers. The aluminum fence, two out feed shims, aluminum router mounting plate, and adjustable MDF face plates are the hardware’s that can be fitted on it.

Floor Standing Router Table – these tables are space saver and comes with storage space and are suitable for inverted table routing. Miter guide, feather boards, lead in a pin for curved wooden pieces, dust outlet and others are accessories that can be fitted on it. Router Tables Market is classified, by accessories into Basic Router Plate, Four Piece Router Accessory Kit, Universal T-Track Kit, and others.

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Router Tables Market is classified, by application into Automotive, Industries, and others. Router Tables Market is segmented, geographically into North America, Europe (Eastern Europe, Western Europe), Asia Pacific, Latin America, Middle East and Africa. Router Tables Market key players are, Craftsman, Techniks, Bosch, Centaur, Peachtree Woodworking, TTC, Weldcraft, Bison, Lyndex-Nikken, HHIP, Woodhaven, and Magnate.

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