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Many people know that on Tuesday, Keith explained that in order to prepare the joint forces, we moved all of our current West Coast servers to our Virginia data center. By the way , you guys can go to Swtor2credits to buy some cheap swtor credits .Here are some of the key questions we have received about changes to North American data centers:

Why not communicate in advance?
We decided not to communicate this information in advance because we wanted you to have the ability to log in immediately and determine the impact on your gaming experience. This means that we can quickly start collecting feedback about what you see in the game (more about the next question). However, we have seen the posts from the players, they made a specific decision based on the location (such as the role of transfer), we will contact them to discuss. To make sure the updates in the game are not messy, we adjusted the server selection screen to reflect all NA servers on the east coast.

My ping has changed, it affects my game, what is my choice?
Please continue to report! As Keith mentioned in his forum post, this is what we are actively tracking and working with our web partners to deal with as much as possible. We will work in the next two weeks, especially in stepping up the joint forces.

Is there a data center in the middle of the United States, is the flat of each coast flat?
Creating a new data center is a daunting task, even beyond the tremendous changes that we have made this year. This is only something that is feasible in the context of the reforms we have made for the joint forces.

Since all NA is in a data center, should we not have only one server?
Moving all NA together will create a very large number of servers. This will introduce several challenges: 1) players may encounter access to the server queue, 2) will increase the server instability and downtime opportunities. There are a variety of other issues, but a key issue is the combination of North America will lead to more character name conflict.

We hope that this will answer some of your questions and let you know what will happen in the next few weeks. Keep in mind that on November 8, we will move all players to the new server (now looks like 12 hours) during extended maintenance. We are discussing a few hours earlier than usual (eg 2 or 3 CT), but will inform you a few days in advance.

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