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Get into the spirit of the spooky season by checking out Boris’ haunted mansion, furnished in The Elder Scrolls Online with the housing editor. In this latest Community Spotlight, we talk to Boris about his creepy creation – completed just in time for the Witches Festival and Halloween. So why not to buy eso ps4 gold with 7% off to experience haunted mansion for Halloween Promo

I was talking with my guildmates about what we can do with the torture-themed items from the luxury vendor, and someone suggested I build a torture room. I’m also a big fan of old horror movies and games, so that in turn inspired me to transform the whole place into a haunted mansion.

Why did you decide to build it with the Velothi Reverie home, and how did you go about planning to build a haunted mansion of this size?

The main reason for using the Velothi Reverie was the unique fireplace – a simple green item you can’t find anywhere else that I actually wanted for a completely different project. In addition to this, the fact that you can place up to 400 items in the Velothi Reverie with ESO Plus helps!

In the beginning, there was just a torture room in the basement, but eventually I started playing around with the blood fountain, and from then on the mansion got creepier every day. As I was decorating, I found that I had a lot of fun just experimenting and testing out different items in order to get the space to look scary, especially in the courtyard.

When you step out into the courtyard, it’s as if you’ve entered a completely alien world. What was the inspiration for such a bizarre environment, and how did you go about creating the fleshy walls?

I played many horror games over the last few years, but the last one was DOOM and that was the biggest inspiration for the courtyard.

Do you have any advice for others who are looking to create their own haunted house for the Witches Festival?

ESO Plus membership helps a lot (even if the extra space is often not enough). Don’t miss the Witches Festival event items as they’ll also help to you achieve that creepy style.

In the home itself, set candles, torches, and fireplaces at night, and don’t forget to visit the furnishing vendors in all zones. Some of them got a nice inventory update with one of the most-recent patches.
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