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Wilderness Rejuvenation II

For many people, the Wilderness has always been the main focus of the game time. Since the release of OSRS, has been modified several times on the Wilderness. The most important change was the part of the original Wilderness Rejuvenation in March 2014, introducing new bosses, monsters, resources and activities.

Changes to the Chaos Altar in level 38 Wilderness

1. You can sacrifice bones in level 38 Wilderness

2. Get XP + 25% lift. At the same time, after completing the wilderness diary, get more than 10% XP.
In addition, a new NPC will not charge any bones of the cost. but Yes, it is nothing for the completed the wilderness diary player.

Mage Arena II

Requirement: Completion of The Mage Arena; Magic level 75.

Task: Track down and defeat 3 new bosses, assigned by Kolodion.

Reward: Kolodion can upgrade one God cape to a new Best in Slot magic cape, has 3 unique hearts by the 3 bosses.

Revenant Caves

Revenant Caves will be a multifaceted battle found in the wilderness from 17 to 40. In the cave, you will see the different kind of levels and types of monsters and anew “Revenants”

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