Outsourcing Software Services Discuses Work on Advanced Search Solution

PGS Software, outsourcing software services provider, discuses work on STS E-Commerce, an advanced search solution.

PGS Software is a leading software development specialist company that operates from their base in Poland, providing companies throughout the world with effective software solutions based on their unique business ideas. This is a very well-established company with a proven track record for turning ideas into effective business solutions that their clients can rely on and trust.

This company has built up an outstanding reputation for their excellent track record offering tailored software solutions to clients in all industries. The company comprises of more than four hundred professionals and they have catered to hundreds of companies around the world, successfully completing more than one thousand eight hundred projects. The company advised that each team is tailored on the clients requirements, ensuring that they have a winning team with experience and knowledge based on their needs.

PGS Software mentioned that they have a very experienced team who all have extensive experience in the software industry. All team members work hard behind the scenes catering to their clients and providing them with the products and results that they are looking to achieve, such as the new advanced search solution that they recently worked on for STS, which enables online access to a wide range of products with clients being able to purchase from different web shops and put all orders into one basket, for one easy checkout process.

The company mentioned that this advanced search solution posed numerous challenges for the team, including having to be available in seven languages. They put a winning team together who had experience with ASP.NET .NET 3.5 Windows Workflow Foundation Windows Communication Foundation SQL Server 2008, enabling them to provide their clients with the best end result.

During a recent interview, the CEO at PGS Software, Wojtek Gurgul said “C PGS was responsible for the complete design and build of the web application. The project was focused on giving customers easy access to product catalogues via the Internet. The advanced search engine built into the application implements one of the most efficient search mechanisms, making the Web Engine 3.0 an outstanding product in its category. Autocomplete function, together with comprehensive and accurate search results (thanks to in-depth product item analysis) makes the application a fine supplement to electronic procurement systems.”

About Us: PGS Software is a software development specialist based in Poland. This well-established company converts ideas into effective business solutions with more than four hundred professionals working with them to ensure that they provide their clients with first class services at all times. The company has worked with hundreds of companies around the world and successfully completed more than one thousand eight hundred projects. PGS Software offers smart solutions tailored to each client. They work with companies in all industries and companies of all sizes, putting a winning team together to ensure that they receive the product that they need. To find out more, visit www.pgs-soft.com.

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