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The global refrigeration compressor market, On the basis of type, is segmented as reciprocating compressor and rotary compressor. Refrigerant is any substance that acts as a cooling medium through heat extraction from another body or substance. Refrigeration takes place under several conditions and are termed accordingly. For instance, in a closed cycle vapor compression, absorption systems, air cycle refrigeration systems the refrigerant is a fluid undergoing frequent changes. And in a thermoelectric condition the current with electrons is treated as a refrigerant.

Under normal conditions refrigerants are those who undergo condensation and evaporation i.e. compression and absorptions systems. Further, compressor is heart of any vapor compression system. Earlier, compressors were hand operated but later they were driven by steam engines. Hence, the compressor technology has undergone sea changes in the past years.

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Commercially, compressors are available for different applications ranging from small hermetic reciprocating &rotary compressors for heavy industries and commercial refrigeration and air conditioning applications. Other types such as linear compressors, trochoidal compressors, and acoustic compressors are being introduced in air conditioning applications and refrigeration. Hermetic compressors are developed to address the refrigerant leakage problems with the open type of compressors.

Therefore, by removing the refrigerant leakage, the hermetic compressor based systems are produced as maintenance free. Hermetic compressors are not suitable for large capacity systems as they are less serviceable offering low energy efficiency which makes compressor and motor cooling difficult.

Technically, compressor manufacturers recommend using their standards to check a compressor’s operation. These standards store data to inspect the compressor’s capacity based on pressures and temperatures, voltage and amperage under several conditions. By adhering to manufacturer’s information it absolutely verifies the compression operations as it must be. On the other hand, if it does not work according to the indications and standards, then it is certain it has some problems in functioning.

On the basis of applications, the refrigeration compressor market is segmented into domestic, commercial, small commercial, food preservation, sports, air conditioning, food & chemical manufacturing, equipment cooling, logistics & transportation.

On the basis of geographic segmentation, the refrigeration compressor market spans North America, Latin America, Asia-Pacific, Middle-East and Africa. Asia-Pacific dominates the market in terms of value and revenue. China and Japan are the hot regions for refrigeration compressor market. North America is anticipated to follow this trend owing to extensive R&D in compressor technology.

The key players in the refrigeration compressor market professional survey report include Copeland, CARRIER, YORK, Tecumesh, SULZER, Embraco, HITACHI, MHI, DAKIN, LG, PAPCDL, DONPER, Baixue, Sichuan Danfu Compressor Co, LTD, Jiaxipra, Highly, Snowmen, Chunlan, Hanbell, Fusheng, Mitsubishi, RECHI Group, Kulthorn Kirby, Dorin, and Johnson Controls.

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