Get advance SEO training in Jaipur from SEO experts

Summary: Digital Heptagon is pleased to announce an inclusive SEO training program in Jaipur. This extensive SEO training workshop equips with live projects and simulations. Candidates will be trained by our professional instructors to make them an expert.

Main Body:

Understanding the need of extensive online promotion for websites in today’s highly competitive marketplace, Digital Heptagon – the leading SEO company comes up with a 1 month SEO training program for students who want to make a bright career in the marketing field. The field of digital marketing is huge and SEO lies in its core. Our classes are principally based upon 100% practical implementation that develop real time digital marketing and SMO professionals.

Our training program covers all the aspects of any online business and our trainers give training on both onsite and offsite work incorporating advanced SEO tools including Google webmasters and Google Analytics. Our training classes also expose the details of some competitor tools and advanced search engine concepts to students.

Scope of SEO training in Jaipur:

Our SEO training is able to make you an SEO expert and you can easily get hired in any reputed internet marketing organization.

  • After the successful completion of your training you can get hired by any ecommerce or any other company who are looking for regular SEO services for their business.
  • We upgrade your skills that can help you start your own firm or you can do freelance work from home. You can earn thousands of dollars from a single client.

Our SEO training program include:

Overview of Search Engine Basics


    1. What is SEO?
    2. How SEO affects a business
    3. How search engine works
    4. Website architecture
    5. SEO friendly Website design basics
    6. Domain and hosting



  • Keywords Research and Analysis


    1. Keyword research using keyword planner tool
    2. Competitor analysis
    3. Understanding of keyword attributes and distribution
    4. Ongoing keyword evaluation



  • Content optimization: How search engine views our web pages.


      1. Optimizing content for site architecture
      2. Understanding how search engine index content
      3. Canonical URLs and redirects
      4. Use of Google webmaster tools


  • On Page SEO optimization


      1. Keywords and Meta descriptions
      2. Creating sitemaps
      3. Creating Robots file
      4. URL architecture
      5. HTML and CSS validation
      6. Google analytics and tracking


  • Off Page SEO optimization


    1. Basic link building techniques
    2. Guest posting
    3. Local SEO techniques

So join Digital Heptagon’s SEO training academy today and ensure a bright future with handsome salary packages.

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