New Research: Varistor Market Definition, Challenges and Specifications Forecast to 2021

Varistor Market

Varistor Market size on the basis of type spans Metal oxide varistor, and Silicon carbide varistor. Among these two types, metal oxide varistor is the one which is most extensively used. An electronic part possessing an electrical resistance that may differ with the applied voltage is known as a varistor. It is also popularly known as a voltage-dependent resistor or VDR. It has derived its name from the word “variable resistor”. It is known that the design and size of varistor is almost same to a capacitor. However, at times it becomes a bit confusing to recognize which one is a varistor or a capacitor.


It normally possesses a nonlinear and non-ohmic current–voltage property that is very much akin to that of a diode. The common thing that it shares with diode is that it possesses the similar feature for both directions of passing through current. It is said that it has a high electrical resistance when it is at lower voltage level that the resistance might be reduced when the voltage level is boosted.


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Varistors are extensively employed as control or compensation elements in circuits in order to offer most favorable operating conditions as well as to provide protection against extreme transient voltages. This particular action makes them most appropriate to safeguard the circuits at the time of voltage flows. The source of a particular voltage gush could be lightning strikes, electrostatic discharges, and inductive discharge via motors or transformers. It is said that metal oxide varistor or MOV is the most common type of varistor in the global varistor market.


At the time when they are deployed as protection devices, they push the current produced by the extreme voltage away from sensitive components when provided with a stimulus. It is said that they are ceramic in nature, and they are formed with the help of ceramic slurry comprising zinc oxide as well as certain additives. The varistor that possess multilayered chips are manufactured in the same way as multilayered ceramic chip capacitors.


On the other hand, the ceramic slurry is monitored and protected via a Doctor Blade and after that the electrode substance that consists of precious metals are put on each repeated layer of ceramic green tape. Varistor Market size on the basis of application spans Telephone and other communication line protection, Radio communication equipment transient suppression, Surge protector power strips, Cable TV system surge protectors, Power supply protection, Microprocessor protection, Electronics equipment protection, Low voltage board level protection, Transient voltage surge suppressor (TVSS), Car electronics protection, and Industrial high energy AC protection. Varistor market size, on the basis of geographical region spans North America, China, Europe, Japan, Taiwan, and Korea.


As far as the geography is concerned, Asia-Pacific is coming up as the most promising region across the globe, the reason being emergence of the leading companies to China as the region avails cheap labor. The major companies operating in the global varistor market include Vishay, Phoenix Contract, AVX, Abracon, TDK, Bourns, TE Connectivity, Murata, Littelfuse, Eaton, Shindengen, EPCOS, Yageo, Panasonic, Wurth Electronics, AEM, KOA Speer, Vicor, Semitec, and United Chemi-Con (UCC).


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