Optical Transceiver Market Report by Region, Types, Applications To 2021

Global optical transceiver market is expected to rise in the predicted period owing to rise in demand and associated advantages. A transceiver is a device that conducts transmission as well as signal reception with a common circuitry in a network. An optical transceiver is also termed as fiber optic transmitter and receiver that complete the transmission by conversion of electrical signals into light pulse and vice versa at the reception.

Fiber optics is used for transmission of information in form of light pulses. They are the major building blocks in telecommunication infrastructure due to its high bandwidth and low attenuation characteristics. Low attenuation and superior signals is found in optical systems that enable much longer intervals of signal transmission than metallic-based systems.

Another advantage of optical transceiver includes large bandwidth, smaller diameter and light weight characteristics. Non-conductivity is another characteristic found with usage of fiber optics. Optical transceivers are much affordable owing to lower prices and less costly than copper. Also, bandwidth needs rapid increase with technological developments fiber is expected to continue playing a significant role in success of telecommunication.

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Factors such as low cost of transport of information over the network and preference of conventional transceiver devices owing to low maintenance costs in comparison with traditional devices. Based on data rate, the optical transceiver market is segmented into less than 10Gbps, >10Gbps and <40Gbps, >40Gbps and <100Gbps and >100Gbps. Based on distance, the optical transceiver market is segmented into less than 1km, >1m and <10km, >10km and <100km and >100km. Based on wavelength, the optical transceiver market is segmented as 1550nm, 1310nm and 850nm. Based on application, the optical transceiver market is segmented as telecom, data center and enterprise.

Geographically, the optical transceiver market spans North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Middle-East & Africa. North America dominates the global market in the predicted period owing to deployment of technology for high speed networks and rising demand for optical transceivers. Europe is anticipated to grow in the global market owing to combined use of 40G and 100G modules. APAC regions are expected to reveal steady CAGR growth owing to demand for optical transceivers in upcoming period. North America and Europe is expected to follow the trend in the forecast period. MEA and African market is likely to develop at a steady CAGR rate in the predicted period.

The key players in the optical transceiver market include Finisar Corp Ltd, Accelink Technologies Co Ltd, Lumentum Holdings Inc, Sumitomo Electric Industries Inc, NeoPhotonics Inc, Foxconn Electronics Inc, Reflex Photonics Inc, Fujitsu Optical Components Ltd and Source Photonics Inc.

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