Starting Point Website Plan: Helping You Create Your Website In Three Simple Steps

Starting Point Website Plan ( aims to create websites that could help businesses in advertising their brand and selling their products. By working with this company, clients can be assured that they will have a functional website in three easy steps. These steps include choosing a layout, working with the expert website designers, and availing of a monthly support service.

A website is undeniably an important thing for most businesses today. That is why Starting Point Website Plan is dedicated to providing professional web design services for all entrepreneurs. The company ensures that every website they create not just effectively showcases one’s brand and products but also attracts a lot of potential customers.

Starting Point Website Plan presents three simple steps to make the web design West Midlands process much simpler for everyone. According to this agency, when creating a new website, the first step is to choose the layout. They offer extensive website layouts for all clients to choose from. These include the Triumph, Achieve, Boom, and Fame layout designs, which can be professionally re-skinned to match the customers’ exact specifications. The best part is, these layouts come with great features like unlimited pages, products and services page, email newsletter sign up form, and so much more. Additionally, these layout designs are guaranteed SEO-friendly, and responsive for mobile devices.

After choosing a layout, Starting Point Website Plan will now proceed to the next step which is to design the website. Their team of experienced web designers will customise and transform the selected layout into a new and unique website. Also, these web designers will ensure that the websites they create are in-line with the exact requirements of their clients. So whether they want to have a picture gallery, Google map, or a twitter posts section, they can readily add it on the website.

Once the online site has been created, Starting Point Website Plan will then provide monthly support service. This will keep the website updated and fully functional at all times. The monthly support service includes unlimited web hosting, regular backups, content updates, security monitoring, and other tasks needed for the website maintenance.

Aside from the services mentioned above, Starting Point Website Plan has a lot more to offer all interested parties. Their expert team can also help clients with logo design, Google marketing, content and blog post writing, and creating email accounts.

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About Starting Point Website Plan

Starting Point Website Plan is a company that specialises in providing a wide range of web design services. They have an award winning team of web designers who have lots of experience in creating websites for various businesses. To get in touch this company, you can contact them by calling 0121 726 8787. For your written enquiries, you can send them an email via Alternatively, you can fill out the online contact form on their website,


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